No One Reads My Blog — What To Do Now? (The Real Reasons)

The concept of sharing a thought or notion has been the building block of learning and education but this is just a very small part of what content or ideas are capable of.

In today’s era, starting a blog is one of the most popular methods of sharing a thought or an idea but most of the time beginner bloggers worry more about having few or no readers on their blog before even starting a blog.

You too may have asked “ Why nobody reads my blogs?” several times, yet failed to get a constructive answer to this simple question.

If you are still looking for a reasonable answer, your search ends here. Here I have listed the most popular reasons that affect the traffic on your blog.

I am sure with this list you will be able to understand the problem regarding your blog traffic.

1. Content and Planning

Starting off any task requires preparation and planning and if you have not done it well, you might want to reconsider.

Now before you get mad to think it through, have you given it as much thought as you would have given if you were supposed to open a shop near your home?

  • What do you want to sell?
  • Is it a good idea to sell that product in your area?
  • Will you be able to have a constant supply of said product?
  • How will you generate profit out of it?
  • Will you dedicate adequate time to the shop daily?
  • Will your shop have something different from the other shops?

So, did you answer similar questions like this before starting your blog? If yes, I am sure you are right on track. If not, you need to do this beforehand.

The challenge is that most of us don’t think that blogging will require much effort, and that is exactly where most of us are wrong.

Go back to the drawing board and ask yourself questions that would require your decisions, then work on those step-by-step.

2. Help, Entertain, Educate

People reach out to blogs because they need something out of it, and that something is where you fall behind others and your blog gets no traffic.

The purpose of your blogs must be clear and it should be something your targeted reader is willing to read.

Ask yourself how you are impacting your readers. Was your blog helpful or are your visitors still wondering what to do?

Do they feel like commenting on your blog? Were they just skimming through the blog?

Write to serve others and you will be on the right track.

3. Settle on a Niche

You are very excited to write, many ideas flow through your mind and you miss a simple yet important element.

Many beginners make this mistake of writing on any topic they please, making the blog all confusing for your readers as well as for Google.

If you are a legal writer then don’t publish a lifestyle blog. Just keep it simple and cover all other categories of your niche but stick to your topic. This is very necessary for boosting your blog in the early stages.

It would become easier day-by-day for you to write on that topic and the quality of the content will also go up.

Readers will have a better time and you will build enough audience to further your career. Google will get to know your blog and will send the right audience and traffic towards you.

Also, don’t think about starting another blog if you have several interests, focus all your efforts on the best topic you can write. Remind yourself the point that you must generate content for your audience regularly which must attract them.

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Originally published at on August 9, 2019.



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